How To Make Money Playing Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most famous casino games. It has a huge fan following around the world. The players enjoy this fantastic casino game enjoying Midori sour and lemon drop shots. Further, many players want to play this popular casino game despite its lower rate of winning. Moreover, a large number of people have invested their money buying household items. They have made this money from playing blackjack. So if you are done with your job and want to earn a huge amount playing blackjack, this article is for you. This article is dedicated to all the people who have made a goal to earn money playing blackjack. It is important to discuss what the probability of winning at blackjack in the long run is? Some reliable resources are the statistics of how many people are long-run winners in blackjack. But it is hard to find the correct information regarding these statistics.

The Statistics Regarding Making Money Playing Blackjack

According to an internet survey, only 5% to 10% of players earn huge profits from blackjack in the long run. It means that 90% to 95% of players do not win blackjack games in the long run. Moreover, the number of those players who play blackjack in the short run is even greater than those in the long run. So one thing is confirmed blackjack is a profitable game in the long run. The probability of winning the blackjack is not more than 3%. Hence if 100 players enter the blackjack ball, only 1% to 2% become the winners. The reason is that most of the casinos try to constrain blackjack winners from getting an advantage. But no obstacle can create a hindrance for the poker players in winning and living a happy life.

How To Make Money Playing Blackjack
Blackjack Game

The Difference of Blackjack With Some Other Casino Games

All the casino games, including blackjack, have some mathematical advantages. It refers to the house edge. This edge shows how much money the players will lose in betting. On average, a player who does not have any idea about playing blackjack can earn 5% from his random good decisions while playing the game. Moreover, if the player makes a bet of $100 per hand but plays 50 hands per hour, casinos expect to gain $250 from that player. Whereas, in the short-run, some players come out ahead over a single trip to the casino. It refers to variance. Besides, it is a side effect of the random game.

Furthermore, in casinos, they make an advantage through the first hand of the players in blackjack. Even a new player knows that the total of 22 will put him in danger of loss. This is busting. When the players play first hand, if they bust, they ultimately lose. Also, this will be the same situation if the dealer busts while playing his hand later in the round.

The different Composition of Blackjack

The composition of the deck makes blackjack different from the other casino games. When the dealer shuffles again, he will no longer deal with the cards in the game. All the decks are random, so sometimes, you will wind up having more cards than the others. It is important in blackjack since the two cards having a total of 21 will pay off 3 to 2. It will give you a gain of 0.5% to 1% in a fresh deck. The assumption is that the player adopts the basic strategy perfectly.

How to Get an Advantage?

But if there are more ace cards and 10s in a deck, you can use only two cards to make a total of 21. In this way, you will have an advantage over the casino. Besides, if you increase the size of your bets in such conditions, you will probably have a mathematical advantage over the casino. Total 80% of the edge comes from increasing the size of bets in the right situations. Moreover, casinos can change the odds in their favour by making alterations in their strategies. Its basis is the ratio of high cards to low cards in a deck.

There is no such opportunity to increase your bets in the other casino games when the odds are going in your favour. Even there is no possibility to find out this advantage in the other casino games.

How To Make Money Playing Blackjack
Blackjack Gameplay

The Importance of The Basic Strategy of Blackjack

There are no many situations that you can face while playing blackjack. You can even easily memorize and find out the mathematical strategy. Besides, this mathematical strategy will give you the highest value in the expected situations.

The Possible Situations

The possible situations are based on the nature of the casino game. The dealer usually plays with a face-up card and face-down card. Moreover, the dealer can have any of these cards:

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10 no. card including Kings, Queens, and Jacks
  • Ace

The Soft Totals

So if you have made a total of ten columns, any one of the face-up cards the dealer may have. You will be at the beginning of the basic strategy chart. The next important thing is the card that is in your hand. It is confusing since you have many possible cards in your hand. For instance, if you have an ace card in your hand, you have a soft total. The following are the soft totals that you may have:

  • A9-Soft 20
  • A8-Soft 19
  • A7-Soft 18
  • A6-Soft 17
  • A5-Soft 16
  • A4-Soft 15
  • A3-Soft 14
  • A2-Soft 13

All these are the soft totals since you can count the ace as 1 or 11. Besides, it is not possible to bust a soft total in this case.

The Hard Totals

Moreover, you have a lot of possible hard totals. In these hard totals, no card is the ace card. But you should hit a hard eight or less than that always. It means that some of the totals can be the same.

  • 1-Hard 20
  • 2-Hard 19
  • 3-Hard 18
  • 4-Hard 17
  • 5-Hard 16
  • 6-Hard 15
  • 7-Hard 14
  • 8-Hard 13
  • 9-Hard 12
  • 10-Hard 11
  • 11-Hard 10
  • 12-Hard 9
  • 13-Hard 8 or less

The Option of Splitting Pairs

Further, you have the option of splitting pairs. Hence, you should consider all the possible pairs that you can have:

  • T-T
  • 9-9
  • 8-8
  • 7-7
  • 6-6
  • 5-5
  • 4-4
  • 3-3
  • 2-2
  • A-A

It means that you have 30 various possible hands for playing against ten dealer hands. Also, it seems like 300 possible situations. But it is less than that since you may ignore many hands. For instance, you will probably stand on a hard 17 or greater than that, which shows there is no need to think for 18, 19, and 20. You will stand on a hard 20 or hard 19. It will eliminate two more situations. You play some hands in the same way. For instance, you always play a hard total of 13, 14, and 15 in the same way. Moreover, there is no need to remember all the rules for playing them.

The Importance of The Basic Strategy For Making Money Playing Blackjack

The total of dealers matters when this number is lower or higher. For instance, you will probably stand with 13, 14, and 15 if the dealer’s total is six or less than that. Also, you will hit if the dealer’s total is seven or greater than 7. Therefore, you should memorize two only points for these three hands. It will automatically decrease the complexity of the basic strategy. Hence, it is evident that the basic strategy is significant. Also, you can use it all the time while playing.

The way through which you can make money from blackjack is to play in a perfect manner all the time. The advantage that you gain over the casino is so small that you cannot afford to give up 0.1% even. You do not want to lose even a smaller portion. The casino can gain an advantage with the help of a perfect basic strategy. Additionally, you can earn 1% or more while using the perfect basic strategy and counting cards.

The Disadvantage of Bad Strategy

On the contrary, if you adopt a bad strategy, you will get a 2% disadvantage. In this case, you will make wrong decisions regarding standing and hitting. In the long run, you will lose money. Clearly, it is totally opposite of our main objective to earn money at the casino from blackjack. In short, your journey starts from remembering and executing the basic strategy of blackjack.

How to Earn Money Through Card Counting?

There is no need to memorize already played cards for card counting. If you want to become a card counter, you need to learn how to execute the tracking system for the ratio of high cards to low cards in a deck. The easy way to do this is to assign -1 and +1 values to the high cards and low cards, respectively. When you see a low card, it means fewer low cards are there in a deck.

Similarly, when you see a high card, it shows that fewer high cards are there in a deck. The rule is to increase the size of bets in the case when there are more 10s and aces in a deck compared to the usual situation. When there is a high probability of getting a 3 to 2 payout, it means you want to get more money. When an ace or a 10 comes out of a deck, the probability will go down. On the contrary, the probability will increase when the card is not an ace or no. 10 card.

The Hi-Lo System

The basic counting system is to learn how to become a card counter begins with the hi-lo system. It assigns the value of +1 to 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Moreover, it assigns the value of -1 to the 10s, aces, kings, queens, and jacks. In the case of the positive count, you will increase the size of bets. The more the count is, the more you will increase the bet.

Similarly, when the count is 0 or negative, you will make a minimum bet. While counting, you should conceal your activity. But if the casino finds out that you are counting the cards, they will shuffle the deck every hand. Moreover, they will eliminate the edge that you have earned. It is possible that they will restrict you from playing blackjack. It means that they will not allow you to play blackjack. You can play the other casino games only. So in all these cases, you will lose your edge. Also, they can ask you to stay out of the casino for always.

Number of Decks in the Blackjack

Furthermore, you should consider the number of decks in the blackjack. The effect of each card becomes low when the casinos are using more decks. The ratio of one ace card out of a total of 52 cards is totally different from one ace card out of a total of 416 cards. For this, you convert your running count to the true count. You consider the left deck of cards in a shoe. You divide the number by that number in order to get the true count.

For instance, when you are playing an eight-deck game, you find that only five decks are there in a shoe. You calculate that the running count is +10. Then you divide the number by 5 in order to get a true count of +2. So when you are going to decide the size of the bet, you will use the figure +2 instead of +10.

How To Make Money Playing Blackjack
Blackjack in Casino

How Do You Size Your Bet?

You decide your bets in units in the hi-lo system. For instance, you may decide your bet between 1 and 4 units per hand. A unit is an amount that you bet in the case when the count is negative or 0. It is your actual bet from where you are starting. You can decide that your unit is $25. It means that the range of your bet is from $25 to $100.

Furthermore, depending on the count, you can bet $25, $50, $75, and $100. You add the true count to 1 to decide the size of your bet. For instance, if the count is +1, you will bet two units or $50. Moreover, if the count is +2, you will bet three units or $75. You will most probably bet four units or $100.

Limiting The Top Bets

There are two reasons for limiting the top bets. The first reason is that counting cards are not a certain idea. You have raised the probability of getting a 3 to 2 payout with a huge profit, but there is no guarantee. Moreover, if you make too many bets, you will break before your long-term expectations. The second reason is that the bigger bet range will lead towards more profit from the casinos. The majority of gamblers double the size of their bets. Also, they do not count cards. But remember one thing that the dealers and bosses also know how to count cards.

Making Money Through Playing Online Blackjack Game

You can get an advantage from counting cards only in brick and mortar casinos. The online casinos will use live dealers and random number generator software. They duplicate the odds compared to the casinos with a real deck of cards. The issue is that they shuffle cards back in the deck after every hand. It eliminates the probability of gaining an advantage.

You can sign up to get a bonus at casinos. You will use the basic strategy to keep the house edge low. Many casinos have reduced this behaviour. The majority of the casinos eliminate blackjack from the games that you can play to fulfil wagering requirements. The other casinos only consider 10% of your wagers on blackjack towards the wagering requirements. If you require to wager the deposit plus a 35 times bonus in order to fulfil your wagering requirements, you can pull it off.

Besides, you can show a profit a lot of the time. But if you require to make 350 times your deposit plus bonus for fulfilling your wagering requirements, there is no practical way to get an advantage over the casino. Most probably, you will break after every trial almost before fulfilling the wagering requirements.

How To Earn Profit in a Casino
Playing Blackjack Online

Summing Up Making Money Playing Blackjack

If you want to make money playing blackjack, you require to learn the basic strategy. You should know how to count cards. Besides, you must learn how to execute what you have learned perfectly. Obviously, it is not a simple task. That’s why only 1% to 2% of blackjack players make huge profits out of this famous casino game.

Moreover, you require some self-control and self-discipline in order to pull it off. Most gamblers do not have such qualities. That’s why they do not win blackjack most of the time. One more reason is that the casinos are trying to discourage the card counters. The casinos are trying to make their methods more convenient. In short, you must learn the strategies if you want to make money playing blackjack.

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