Can You Double Down on a Split? – Full Guide 2024

The Blackjack rules are very simple. You hit, stand, double down, and split. But, what if someone wants to try a complex strategy. One of the first things that would come to your mind when thinking of a good strategy is probably whether can you double down on a split or not. Learning how to split is easy and so is learning how to double down. However, doubling down on a split may be harder than you expect. It requires a lot of attention and concentration. After splitting, you have to focus on two hands at once which can disturb your concentration.

Moreover, if you somehow get really unlucky, you can lose a lot of money that you wager on the chips. Even though many people claim that Blackjack can be won mathematically, the truth is that winning in Blackjack is not that simple. One will have to use some complex moves such as doubling down on a split. Blackjack used to be a game that could be won mathematically years ago. However, throughout the years, the Blackjack card game went through a lot of changes.

The casinos made sure that Blackjack can not be won by just using maths. Many new moves are introduced, such as the dealer hitting on soft 17, which increases the house edge and decreases the player’s odds of winning the game. In this guide, we will clear all your doubts and tell you how to execute doubling down on a split accurately. Just keep your mind open and we are sure that after reading this you will definitely be able to learn more than just the basics of the Blackjack card game.

What Does it Mean to Double Down in Blackjack?

Can you double down on a split
Doubling down

Before we can determine if we may double down on a split in Blackjack, we must first master all of the game’s fundamental strategies especially the double down. Doubling down is a risky strategy that can make your hand pretty expensive. It is a way to make twice as much profit without much effort. It is a complicated rule, and you must exercise caution when using this choice. This can only be used on the first two cards.

When you use the double strategy, you are doubling your initial stake on just one card. To put it another way, you’ll double your wagers and will only be allowed to take one more card in the whole game. You can hit till you are happy if you do not really double, but doubling takes away this advantage from you. Doubling can be quite dangerous, therefore be careful when doubling up your stakes. It can either win you a big profit and make you lose big time.

The phrase “double down” is to both raise the stakes and force the issue. When you have the upper hand, the profit is guaranteed. Most people appear to use it interchangeably with “double-up,” which simply means to make more of the same wager you already have, without implying that you’re pressing the issue or giving up the option of placing additional bets. Furthermore, it’s generally used in the context of someone whose bet isn’t paying off. The casino gamblers and Blackjack experts recommend to double down if you have a total of 10 and the dealer displays a 4, 5 or 6, or if you have a total of 9 and the dealer shows a 5, 5 or 6.

When Should You Double Down?

The precise answer is dependent on the casino rules and the count in general. With a total of 11, you can double down on every dealer upcard except an Ace. Also, any dealer upcards other than Ace or 10 can be used to double the stakes with a total of 10 (including 5,5). Finally, play against the dealer upcards 3, 4, 5, and 6 for a total of 9. In Blackjack, you can double down on soft cards if you have a soft 13 to 18 against the dealer’s upcards 5 and 6, a soft 15 to 18 against the dealer’s upcard 4, or a soft 17 or 18 against the dealer’s upcard 5.

Different restrictions will apply to different establishments. We’ll discuss some additional choices with you. A popular basic strategy player will advise you to double exclusively on the numbers 9, 10, and 11. Many analysts, however, consider that this is the player’s worst constraint. In many cases, the best technique is to double down on other combinations. Any two cards can be doubled. It’s more common in Vegas, and it’s better for you. After the split, do a double. Most Las Vegas casinos also give double after split, which is an additional benefit to the gambler. If you split 8s which you should always do, you’ll want to be able to put additional money into the pot if you spike a 3.

What Does it Mean to Split?

Can you double down on a split

If the requirements are met, Blackjack players can split their hands. The first two cards a player receives must be precisely identical to each other. For example, if you have two threes of red hearts, you can split them, but you can’t split two threes of spade and heart. When a player obtains two cards with comparable values at the start of the game, he can split his original hand into two. Both of these hands are played in a very different manner. In blackjack, to split, the player must wager the same amount on the new hand as he did on the previous one. This signifies that your stake or chips will be doubled. You now hold a single card in each of your two hands. You will be dealt two cards, one for each hand, by the dealer.

Doubling down and subsequent splitting of hands may be restricted after the first split. Following the very first split, an ace and a 10 could well be considered to be a non 21. Generally, according to the casino rules, you are also not allowed to hit more than once after splitting your card.

When a player splits his first two initial cards which are totally similar to each other in terms of value and pattern, he forms two separate and independent hands. These hands are completely independent of each other and you have to play them as different hands. Splitting can cause one to lose concentration. This is because it requires one to concentrate on two hands at a time instead of just one. However, it can also increase your odds of winning.

Blackjack Split Rules

Let us first discuss how to do the splits accurately to increase your odds of winning. You must remember and memorise these if you want to become a professional Blackjack player. Remember that these are not rules and you can choose to follow these or not. However, it is highly recommended to follow these points from the basic strategy. According to Blackjack experts, if a player does not know the basic strategy, they are never going to gain an edge in the blackjack card game. Playing the perfect basic strategy is the first step to beating the game of Blackjack. One of the most important parts of the basic strategy is how to do the splits.

Let us first go through how to do the splits correctly in order to enhance your chances of winning. If you want to become a professional Blackjack player, you must remember and memorise them. In Blackjack basic strategy, players should always divide Aces and Eights. Never, ever split tens and fives! In basic strategy, you must split twos, threes, and sevens against twos through sevens. Except for seven, split nine against two through nine. Split the sixes against the two through sixes. In addition, remember to split fours against fives and sixes.

Can You Double Down on a Split?

Can you double down on a split
Doubling down on a split

Now that we know the rules of doubling down and splitting, we must learn what happens when we want to use both of them together. The simple answer to can you double down on a split would be yes you can. It is common for new players to wonder if it is possible to double down on a split. Fortunately, it is possible to double down on a split. Although it depends very much on the rules of a casino. Normally, you can split any matching pair, it is not compulsory, it is up to you.

Moreover, doubling down after a split also has an Acronym which is DDAS. It is one of the best options to make money playing Blackjack. According to the DDAS option, you can double down one of the two hands that a player has formed by splitting the initial two cards. This means that you can double the stakes or the money you wagered on one hand.

Example for Double Down on a Split (DDAS)

Let us consider a scenario to get a better understanding of how it is done. For example, you have got a pair of twos and you decide to split. Now, you have two hands. The initial wager you have had on one hand will now be doubled. This means that the other hand that you have created by the split will now have the same wager you had on the first two. This will already double your chances of winning.

Now, after the split, the dealer will give you one more card for each of the two hands. Remember that you can not hit anymore as when you split you can only hit one more time. Imagine that the cards you receive after splitting are 7 for one and 9 for the other. Next, when you hit (your last hit) you get a 10 for the hand with a total score of 9. For this Blackjack hand, your total score will now be 19, which is a very good hand to stand on.

For the other Blackjack hand which has a total score of 11, you decide to double down. When you double down you get an additional card and no more choice to make a hit. When you double down on your 11 points hand, your stakes for that hand will double. The dealer will put the same amount of chips beside the already put chips and give you one more card, for example, 9. Now, 11 = 9 is 20. So, after doubling down on one of the split hands, you have 20 on one hand. A 20 is a very good hand to stand on and you can either get a push or lose only if the dealer has a blackjack.


In conclusion, you can double down on a split. There are some rules to it that you can read above but it is possible to double down on a split. After splitting, both of your hands will become independent of each other. Hence, you will play them individually and separately and there is no rule that bounds both of the hands together. It will be your choice to double down on either of them. For example, you can cho0se to double down on one of the hands and not the other or you can decide to double down on both hands.

Therefore, it is completely up to you. Although it is recommended to double down on certain cards and particular scores but do not limit yourself to it. Blackjack is all about skills and strategies. However, one must also keep in mind that there may be some casinos that do not allow the players to double down after splitting. This was everything a novice Blackjack player need to know. Hopefully, we cleared all your doubts and queries. Good luck and may you win big in Blackjack.

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