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If you want to check the Satta Matka result online, then Mumbai Bazar has got you covered. The website allows gambling enthusiasts to check the Matka Jodi chart and Matka live results online. Read more about Bazar Bombay in this guide.

Check Live Matka Results at Bombay Bazaar Gambling Website

Matka gambling has become very popular among gambling enthusiasts in India. There are many online platforms that provide Matka live results and Jodi charts. Even though it is not legal in India, many players indulge in different forms of online gambling. In this article, we are going to explore different features of the Bazar Bombay website, Bombay matka, Bombay fatafat, and the steps to check the Bazar Bombay result.

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Gambling enthusiasts from different regions of the country indulge in Satta Matka games. Here you will find valuable information regarding satta matka gambling and checking the live results on the Bazar Bombay website. Check out our complete guide about the website of Mumbai Bazar.

What is Bazar Bombay: Indian Matka Game

Mumbai Bazar is an online gambling website that caters to all the needs of gambling enthusiasts who like to play Satta Matka. The website provides information about the daily matka results. Players can also check here the previous matka results and the Jodi chart. Bazar Bombay keeps updating its website and provides the latest updated results to players. Most of the time, players could not find the right online platform for checking the matka results.

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However, with the help of Mumbai Bazar, players can check the accurate matka results without any hassle. As we all know, matka gambling is extremely popular in India; many players look for a legit site to check whether they have won the game or not. At the Bazar Bombay website, gambling enthusiasts can check the results of various types of satta matka games. If you are new to matka gambling, then this guide can be very much helpful to you. Here we also provide information regarding the game of satta matka and how to play this game.

Is Bazar Bombay Legal in India?

Gambling has always been a controversial subject in different countries, including India. According to the Public Gambling Act 1867, different forms of gambling are illegal in India. Gambling is a state subject in India, and hence different states have different regulations within their jurisdiction. If we talk about the legality of the Bazar Bombay website, then the platform itself provides a disclaimer that viewing this website can be at your own risk.

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According to Bazar Bombay, the website features sponsored information on its website. Mumbai Bazar also warns its viewers that matka gambling can be illegal in their country, so the website is not responsible for any issues or scams that viewers may face. This is why it is important to first check the legality of matka gambling before you start indulging in it. This can help you avoid any unwanted issues on the platform.

What is Matka Gambling?

Matka gambling is a popular type of lottery game that revolves around selecting random numbers and betting on them. Matka gambling was also popularly known as “Ankada Jugar.” Since its invention, matka gambling has transformed, and currently, there are many variations of this game in the market that are extremely popular among Indians.

In this game, players can bet on different variations and win exciting prizes as a reward. Matka gambling requires them to select three numbers between 0 to 9. The winner in matka gambling gets decided after adding the numbers and checking whether the matka contains the winning number or not.

You can find different online platforms where many players indulge in matka gambling and play for real money. The Matka gambling business has become a huge market in India. You can find a large number of online websites that cater to the needs of people who play matka games. Before the internet era, matka gambling was mostly played offline. However, with the advent of technology and the internet, there are hundreds of online casinos and gambling sites that allow players to bet on matka games.

In fact, you may also find a few offshore websites that offer matka gambling opportunities to players. With the help of our guide, you can easily find the platform where lottery games and their different variations are available for gambling and betting. So, now that you know what matka gambling is. Let us find out if this game is legal in India and what the laws are related to it.

Is Matka Gambling Legal in India?

In order to avoid any kind of trouble, players should definitely check the laws regarding that particular game because the government often restricts such activities and implements a fine on the accused. The legality of matka gambling in India is the same as that of other forms of gambling. According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, all games of chance are prohibited in India and are considered illegal. However, there is no law that prohibits playing these games on online platforms. This is because there has not been any development in the laws related to online gambling and betting.

In 1867, when the British government came up with the Public Gambling Act, there was no internet or any online gambling website. This is why PGA, 1867 does not contain any laws regarding online forms of gambling, and hence players from India can easily gamble on such sites. However, according to PGA 1867, different states in India can have different gambling laws.

As gambling is a state subject, many Indian states like Karnataka have prohibited both offline and online forms of gambling within their jurisdiction. On the other hand, states like Goa and Sikkim have legalised gambling within their jurisdictions. There are certain games that are considered legal in India, such as some lotteries, horse racing, and games of skill. If you are planning to indulge in offline matka gambling, then we certainly do not recommend it.

Types of Matka Gambling

Matka is one such gambling game that has always attracted many Indian gamblers. The popularity of this game started in Mumbai and later reached different regions of the country. If we talk about its extreme popularity in India, then there are certainly many reasons behind it, such as the earning resources this game introduced to people.

People often indulge in gambling activities due to lucrative cash prizes and bonuses. In this article, we will also talk about different types of matka games that are popular in India, and you can check the results of those games on several online platforms, including Bombay Bazar.

We can categorise matka gambling based on the type of patti on which a player is betting or based on the popularity of games. Here, we are going to first describe different types of matka gambling based on their popularity. Let us tell you that you can easily find these matka games available on the Bazar Bombay website.

Domestic Matka Games

Mostly the Matka lottery games that players bet on are run and organised by Indian operators in the country. There is no doubt that matka games are illegal; despite the game being banned and completely shut down, you can find several websites that offer domestic matka games. These online websites provide the latest updates on the Satta King. If you want to indulge in domestic matka games, then make sure to check the rules beforehand.

Local Matka Games

This type of matka game is often organised and operated by small group leaders. One thing to consider about this game is that you can even play local matka games in your house. There can also be several local matka following the groups active in the society. However, due to the rise of online casinos and gambling sites, people now prefer playing online.

International Matka Games

International matka games are basically the games that are worldwide popular and are run globally. These games are often operated at their headquarter, which is mostly located in a different country. There are a few matka games in India that are run by international operators from different countries.

Luck Based Matka Games

Mostly the matka games are based on the luck of players. There are a few games that are totally based on luck, and one cannot win such games if one is not lucky. You can find such games on online casinos and gambling sites. Due to the popularity of luck-based matka games, there are also some predictors, and you should definitely stay away from them.

Cryptic Matka Games

Cryptic matka games are games with some modifications in matka gambling. As this form of gambling became popular, operators have made the game interesting by changing a few rules and adding certain features. Many players take the help of predictors to analyze charts and diagrams before betting on the game.

List of Popular Indian Matka Games With Timing

Do you want to know what Indian matka games are available, including Mumbai Bazar? Then, here we are mentioning the names of some of these games. You can check the results of these matka games on different online websites such as Bombay Bazar. Here you can also check the opening and closing times of these Indian matka games.

Satta Games Opening Time Closing Time
Sridevi 11:30 P.M 12:30 P.M
Time Bazar 1:00 P.M 2:00 P.M
Milan Day 3:00 P.M 5:00 P.M
Rajdhani Day 3:15 P.M 5:15 P.M
Supreme Day 3:35 P.M 5:35 P.M
Kalyan 3:45 P.M 5:45 P.M
Supreme Night 8:35 P.M 11:35 P.M
Milan Night 9:05 P.M 11:10 P.M
Rajdhani Night 9:10 P.M 11:50 P.M
Main Mumbai 9:30 P.M 12:00 P.M
Sairat Morning 11:00 P.M 12:00 P.M
Rajshree 12:00 P.M 1:00 P.M
Dabra 12:10 P.M 1:10 P.M
Super Kalyan 12:15 P.M 2:15 P.M
Central Bombay 12:30 P.M 1:30 P.M
Mumbai Mail 12:30 P.M 2:30 P.M
Bhagyalaxmi 12:40 P.M 2:40 P.M
Prabhat Morning 01:00 P.M 2:30 P.M
Kuber Morning 1:30 P.M 3:00 P.M
Diamond 1:10 P.M 2:40 P.M
Sagar Day 1:30 P.M 3:30 P.M
New Milan Day 1:30 P.M 4:30 P.M
Sangam Bazar 1:45 P.M 4:15 P.M
Kamal Day 2:15 P.M 3:15 P.M
Dollar Bazar 3:10 P.M 5:10 P.M
Shubhlaxmi 4:30 P.M 6:30 P.M
Bombay Bazaar 3:25 P.M 5:25 P.M
Main Mumbai Day 3:55 P.M 5:55 P.M
Night Time Bazaar 8:10 P.M 10:10 P.M
Prabhat Night 6:50 P.M 8:20 P.M
Sagar Night 8:15 P.M 10:15 P.M
Kalyan Night 8:30 P.M 10:30 P.M
Worli Mumbai 9:15 P.M 11:00 P.M
7 Star Day 1:00 P.M 3:00 P.M
Parel Day 3:05 P.M 5:05 P.M
Day Lucky Star 3:20 P.M 5:20 P.M
Kalyan 4:05 P.M 6:05 P.M
Parel Night 8:30 P.M 10:30 P.M
7 Star Night 1:00 P.M 10:30 P.M
Night Lucky 9:15 P.M 11:15 P.M
Star Mumbai 9:35 P.M 12:10 P.M

This was the complete list of opening and closing timing of popular Indian matka games, including Bombay bazaar. With the help of this list, you can get an idea of the opening and closing times and bet on your favorite matka game accordingly. Furthermore, this list, in some ways, also tells the popularity of matka games in India. The games that we have mentioned here are just a fraction of the ones that are available for gambling. Let us explore the steps to check the matka results on the Mumbai Bazar website.

How to Check Matka Results At Bazar Bombay Website?

The result of matka games starts from 9:35 P.M to 11:55 P.M at the website of Bombay Bazar. You can check the daily results of matka games on this website. There is no need to sign up or register on the platform. All you have to do is visit the official website of Mumbai Bazar and check the results according to the date.

The result of matka games comes at different times on different websites. Players can even check the matka result of popular games by visiting multiple online platforms. Bombay Bazaar can be a reliable online platform for players to bet on matka games and also for checking the result on their official website.

How to Play Bombay Matka Games?

Now that you know matka gambling and its different variations have fascinated a large number of people in India, there are players who still indulge in this game with complete preparation. Many players try to understand the game first and learn how to play it to increase their chances of winnings. Now, as the game has evolved in different forms, there can be a few variations in the rules. However, the basic rules for playing matka games are quite the same. Ratan Khatri, the man who invented this game, had a specific playing style in mind. The rules of playing this game are quite simple and easy to follow.

In Bombay matka co, numbers usually range from zero to nine, which are noted on pieces of paper. Once the numbers are noted, these paper pieces are crumbled and put in a big earthen pot called “matka.” After shaking the matka thoroughly so that papers get randomly mixed, players can start making the draw. In order to make the competition fair and unbiased, any random guest is called first. In the early times, people used to call a celebrity guest first. This was done for popularising the matka game and gaining extensive media coverage.

The guest then picks a paper piece and declares the winning numbers. The players who picked the matching numbers are declared as the winners and are given prizes or rewards. As you can see, playing matka games is very simple and easy. However, we recommend checking the rules before playing any kind of matka game so that you can enhance your gambling experience. Matka games have a certain resemblance to modern-day lotteries. The online matka games can be a bit more complicated, but once you get it, you can enjoy playing them.

History of Matka Gambling: Bazar Bombay

In India, matka gambling was started in the 1950s, which was right after India’s independence from British Rule. Back then, both the names and the rules of playing this game were different. Similar to other gambling games, Bombay matka co has also evolved over the decades and taken other shapes in the market. The form gamblers play today is somewhat different from what was played before.

The Matka King originated when people used to place wagers on the daily opening and closing prices of cotton. This was from the time when the New York Cotton Exchange was transmitted to the Bombay Cotton Exchange by use of teleprinters. This practice spread very fast, and eventually, a large number of people were involved in betting. Due to an increased number of bettors, the New York Cotton Exchange outlawed the practice in 1961.

However, people were still jumping on the Matka bandwagon. Gambling enthusiasts started looking for different ways to fulfill their gambling needs. Since the Matka business was started, it grew exponentially over the years at an unprecedented rate. At one time, illegal dealings were quite popular in Mumbai, and due to this, the large amounts of money going through the economy were raising questions. This is why the Mumbai Police came into action, and the matka business empire was shut down.

Bombay Fatafat: Conclusion

Online casinos and gambling platforms like Bombay matka co and Bombay fatafat have evolved a lot and continuously work to improve reliability, efficiency, and security to offer better payouts. You can play matka games in Indian currency options and get your winnings safely. However, as there is no law that governs such sites, we recommend selecting the most credible site for gambling. Players can also use conversion rates and determine their payout value by calculating themselves. You should always keep in mind that this type of gambling is purely luck-based, and hence you should also be very careful when placing large bets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bombay Matka

Before wagering on any game, people often face multiple doubts regarding the legality and credibility of games. This is why we have gathered some commonly asked questions related to Bombay matka co and the Bazar Bombay result. Check out the answers to these frequently asked questions of Bazar Bombay.

How to win Bombay matka games?

Winning Bombay matka games depend on the luck of players. You can first learn how to play this game and check out some helpful tips and guides to improve your chances of winning.

What are the different types of satta king games?

There are many types of satta king games. However, the most popular among all are Desawar satta king, Gali satta king, Faridabad satta king, and the Ghaziabad satta king.

Who is known as the Matka King?

Originally, Ratan Khatri was known as the Matka King. He was the one who ran an illegal matka gambling market in different parts of the world. His gambling business was extensively popular from the early 1960s to the mid-1990s. However, currently, any player winning the matka gambling is known as the Matka King.

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